Aaron Betts Photography

I love photography and have taken pictures of people and places. One of my favorite locations to shoot is at Disneyland. Please use these three images to browse the different styles of photography that I've done. You can click on the image to view the different pages and respective galleries.


I have taken pictures of all kinds of people. I have done business and actor head shots, family portraits, and high school seniors. I think my favorite sessions are the Personal Paparazzi Vacation packages I do. I follow a family around Disneyland and document their day. It's the best of both worlds.


Where ever we go, I love to find images to capture of where I am. Sometimes its with my iPhone, sometimes its a planned trip with my DSLR. Feel free to browse some of the different landscape photography I've taken.


One of the things I've always done, is have a camera with me at Disneyland. As I got more into photography, I found the perfect pairing - photography at Disneyland. Thus Disney Through the Lens was born. Come see some of the memories I have captured throughout the 16 years of visiting with my family.